Exclusive Dental Studio offers aesthetic dentistry, implants
and orthodontics. We take a holistic approach to dental care.  
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Founder of Exclusive Dental Studio


Agnieszka Kulik graduated from the Medical University in Poznan in 2006. Just one year later, she opened her own dental practice - Exclusive Dental Studio. She is an internationally recognized dentist, both in Poland and abroad, as evidenced by numerous awards. In 2018, she was awarded a Silver Member Award by the world's largest dental community - "Style Italiano". The community has 170,000 members; however, only 10 of them received the title of "Silver Member" in 2018. Specializing in aesthetic dentistry, dentures and orthodontics, she favors a holistic approach to oral care. She is a member of the Eurasian Association of Orthodontists (EAO) and an active member of the American Equilibration Society (AES). She was among the first doctors in Poland to begin treating patients using the INVISALIGN® method. She developed the SECRET ORTHO method of straightening teeth with aligners. These are removable, transparent aligners customized according to your teeth and straighten them gradually and efficiently. For the past 6 years she has also been practicing aesthetic medicine. She is a certified doctor of aesthetic medicine and a member of the Polish Association of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine
Make your smile shine !

Our treatments 

Dental implants

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry

We offer aesthetic dental care that stands out from the competition.


Veneers improve the color, shape or position of your teeth.


Secret Ortho are transparent aligners customized according to your teeth.

Children's Dentistry

We also specialize in children's dentistry.


 Our patients receive painless endodontic treatment.

Dental Whitening

We guarantee that your teeth will be brighter than ever.

Dental Surgery

Dental surgery without fear or pain. Conscious sedation upon request.
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Anna Piekarska:

The Exclusive Dental Studio team helped me overcome my serious fear of dentist. I'm the luckiest person alive. ❤ Thank you! 

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Make your smile shine !


Smile makeovers illustrate the path of our patients. Often times, they inspire you to make an appointment with us for a consultation. Our primary job is to provide care that makes our patients healthier and more confident. Sometimes the results of our care are slow in coming... but rest assured: every day gets closer to the perfect smile! We want you to thank yourself for taking the first step, calling and believing... that you too will have a wonderful smile.

Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

Here are the results of the treatment, which lasted only 8 months. Malwina received orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry

Sylwia got a perfect smile thanks to the care planned by Agnieszka Kulik, our dentist.

Veneers and crowns

Jagoda received conservative, endodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Ortodontics and tooth whitening

It took 12 months of orthodontic treatment to transform our patient's smile. Dana also decided to bleach her teeth.


Marcin achieved a perfect smile by correcting his misaligned teeth with "Secret Ortho" invisible aligners.

Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry

Marta received orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatment.

How to prevent dental problems?

Monika decided to contact us before the situation went too far. She turned to Dr. Agnieszka Kulik and made her concerns clear. As prevention is better than a cure, our team carried out a full examination of her mouth, teeth and gums. Once the examinations were completed, we created a care plan with the patient... because nothing is more personal than a smile!

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Make an appointment at Exclusive Dental Studio in Poznan.
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Exclusive Dental Studio

Nos établissements de Poznan


Our clinic located in the shopping mall is the answer to the expectation of our patients. You can go to the dentist and shop at the mall at the same time. 

Exclusive Dental Studio patient feel right at home. Our interior are decorated in vibrant colors and floral motifs. We also have an aquarium. You'll probably find a goldfish in it.


ul. Pleszewska 1
61-136 Poznań
+48 791 424 890


Our clinic was founded 14 years ago. We began with a dental chair, a doctor, an assistant. Our founder is comitted to innovation. Together with her associate, Kamil Szewczyk, they became pioneers of new methods of dental care in Poland.

Today we offer comprehensive services from all fields of dentistry.

ul. Katowicka 81E/111
61-131 Poznań
+48 791 424 890
Exclusice Dental Studio

Why choose us?

Everything starts with a smile. Do you dream of a perfect smile for yourself or for your loved ones? Our team will do everything possible to tailor a care plan to fit your needs and budget.

At Exclusive Dental Studio, patients benefit from a holistic approach. For us, every patient is unique. For these reasons we prepare an individual care plan for each of our patients. Our doctors always give you the choice of several treatments. You are free to choose your preferred method.

At Exclusive Dental Studio, all our doctors speak English fluently. We do our best to make sure your stay with us is comfortable.

We are always happy to see you again at Exclusive Dental Studio. We provide a full guarantee on our services provided you send us your recent panoramic X-ray every 12 months.

+48 570 712 712

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