Our offices


Our clinic was founded 14 years ago. We began with a dental chair, a doctor and an assistant. Our founder Agnieszka Kulik is committed to innovation. Together with Kamil Szewczyk, her associate, they became pioneers of new methods of dental care in Poland.

Here are some examples:

- Smile Library (a database of hundreds of thousands of smiles; you can "try" on your new smile like a jacket),

- X-Guide (a method for tracking the placement of dental implants on the display in real time),

- Secret Ortho (an orthodontic treatment with removable transparent aligners).

Today we offer comprehensive services from all fields of dentistry.


Our clinic located in the shopping mall is the answer to the expectations of our patients. You can go to the dentist and shop at the mall at the same time.

Exclusive Dental Studio patients feel right at home. Our office interiors are decorated in vibrant colors and floral motifs. We also have an aquarium. You'll probably find a goldfish in it!

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