Welcome to Poznan. Discover a million-person metropolis dotted with lakes and forests. The birthplace of Poland - a legendary city, where the first kings of Poland are buried. Considered a gem of eastern architecture, Poznan is also a spa and a water sports center. Poznan – a paradise for vegetarians and cyclists and LGBT+ communities. Welcome to the most liberal city in Poland!


Ostrów Tumski is an island which is also the oldest part of Poznan. It is the residence of the first Polish rulers and the place where they were most likely baptized. Ostrow Tumski was a powerful fortress. Even the armies of the Holy Roman Empire did not dare to attack here.

Ostrow Tumski is also home to the first Polish cathedral from the 10th century. The cathedral houses the tombs of the first Polish rulers and valuable masterpieces that bear witness to the city's turbulent history. Poznan was successively a Polish city, a Prussian city and a French protectorate. The city was also marked by the invasions of the Czech, Swedish and Russian armies.

The "Porta Posnania” interactive museum is located in the neighborhood of the cathedral. This is no ordinary museum. The center is equipped with stereoscopic glasses, touch screens and digital books. With modern technology, visitors can travel back in time. Each of us can witness the baptism of Poland, peep through a keyhole into the aristocratic salons of the 19th century, or follow the work of archaeologists and discover the secrets hidden within the walls of Ostrow Tumski.


Old Square Market

Photo by Jakub Pindych

Being in Poznan and not seeing the Old Market Square is like being in Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. The buildings with their rainbow colors will utterly delight you. The remains of the Baroque and Classical palaces are a key attraction of the city. The most picturesque building on the Old Market Square is the Town Hall. Centuries ago, it served as a prison and the city's treasury. Today, it is an emblematic architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance in Poznan. Every day at 12:00 pm, a bugle call can be heard from the tower of the Town Hall. Two mechanic goats which butt heads daily at noon are right next to the clock.

Fara Poznanska is an absolutely beautiful church. The building has been called the "Gothic Gem" - a world-famous monument, one of the best preserved Gothic churches in Europe. It is also the finest example of Baroque architecture in Poland. 

Old Brewery


The culinary scene in Poznan will conquer even the most demanding palates. The rigor of German ancestors combined with the sophistication of Jewish cuisine is undoubtedly the main reason for this recognition. Poznan is also home to many vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafés. The people of Poznan cherish a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

The people of Poznan are also fond of their traditions. Their traditional specialty is St. Martin’s croissant, which is made with Danish pastry, a white poppy based filling, coated with icing and covered with almonds.

The shape of the croissants dates back to pagan times. In autumn, it was customary to make a sacrifice to the gods from dough rolled in the shape of horns. However, after the adoptionof Christianity, the shape of the dough was considered to be a reference to the horseshoe lost by Saint Martin's horse - the patron of the city.


Poznan is also a spa. The water of the Malta Spa helps in the treatment of chronic illnesses, especially those of the locomotor organs and the respiratory system. Many doctors of various specialties recommend thermal baths, especially during convalescence.

The Malta Spa is a sports complex on the northern shore of Lake Malta. This is one of the largest and most modern facilities in Poland. The Malta Spa is a complex of 16 pools, 9 saunas, 2 caves (snow and salt). The Malta Spa also organizes nightly sauna sessions.

Greater Poland is also the region of a thousand lakes. The water is crystal clear and the sand is as smooth as silk. You can find many urban beaches and picturesque lakes around Poznan. Many rental companies provide water sports equipment at affordable prices.


There is a multitude of green areas to visit around Poznan. Close to 40 parks are located in the city alone. You can stroll for hours in Citadel Park (Park Cytadela), which was once the largest artillery fort in Europe.

The remains of the fortifications located in the park, which will delight history lovers, attest to this fact. The park is home to the Museum of the Poznań Army. Art lovers will be enchanted by the rose garden and the sculptures made by Poznan artists.

Located in the heart of Poznan, Lake Malta shines with charming beauty and elegance. The surroundings are lush with greenery. Every day, crowds of people flock to the area around the lake, and the attractions are never ending. Visitors can swim in the natural environment, enjoy the playing fields (soccer and volleyball), a mini-golf course. There is also a summer toboggan run.

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