Teeth whitening


A smile with white teeth is a sign of well-being. Having white teeth boosts our self-confidence. However, it is rare that we are completely satisfied with the color of our teeth. Just like the color of our hair, the color of our teeth is hereditary. But this does not explain everything. Although often caused by food, teeth discoloration can occur over time. Your teeth say a lot about your general health.

We have developed our own PERFECT BLEACHING™ method. At Exclusive Dental Studio, we guarantee that your teeth will be brighter than ever. It is now possible to maintain your whitened teeth for years to come. Just follow the recommendations.


After endodontic treatment (root canal therapy), teeth become discolored or change color. It may be possible to considerably improve the look of dead teeth by whitening them. At Exclusive Dental Studio, the dentist applies a whitening product to the inside of the tooth. However, the condition of the root needs to be evaluated with an X-ray beforehand. In some cases a root canal treatment may be necessary.

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