Our patient's five-year-old grandson once asked: "Grandma, why are your teeth so black? - They are a bit worn and I have to go to the dentist... - replied the patient, thinking about why she had not been to the dentist for a long time. Like 16% of British adults, she was scared of the dentist, and this caused significant damage to her teeth. At Exclusive Dental Studio, we will prove to you that dental care can be a very comfortable, smooth, pain-free experience. So much so that you can sleep...

Relaxation, euphoria or even half-sleep - these are words our patients use to describe laughing gas treatment. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, has been used in medicine for many years. At Exclusive Dental Studio, you will receive laughing gas through a mask that covers the nose. Our masks are available in the following flavors: chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. The patient experiences a sense of euphoria and well-being throughout the procedure.

The days of painful anesthesia with a needle are long gone. Introducing "The Wand " - a delivery system that controls the flow rate of anesthesia below the patient's pain threshold. The anesthetic is applied with an applicator, which looks like a pen.

“The Wand” offers pain-free anesthesia. How is this possible? When administering anesthesia, pain is not caused by the insertion of the needle but by the dilation of the tissue. Unlike a dental needle, “The Wand” allows the anesthetic to be applied very slowly, so that the patient does not feel any discomfort.

Our patients are surprised by the painlessness of the procedure. This was no different in the case of our patient, who was encouraged by her five-year-old grandson to take care of her health. When the patient returned home, her five-year-old grandson exclaimed: "Grandma, what beautiful teeth, more beautiful than mine! Can anyone think of a better recommendation?

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